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Daavat-e-Safar of Gujarat

The western most state of India known for it’s IT supremacy, manufacturing friendliness and a strict no liquor policy also happens to have some of the most colourful foods in India. The highly infamous Gujarati Thali known for its distinctive sweet flavour is in-fact one of the tastiest thalis (meals) you could ever lay your hands on. Let us take you on a “Daavat-e-Safar” (Food Tour) across Gujarat!
The state has a huge variety of foods that are not just sweet but have loads of spices, smells and a wide variety of tastes that you get when you savour them. A gujaratiThali (Meal) is never less than 15 varieties and this might have already given you run to your pantry! The harmony derived from the mixing of the sweet with the salty is what makes the cooking of this state different from the rest of the Indian Continent. Gujarati foods are never made, they are Crafted!
The most famous of the Gujarati food are the Dhoklas, the sponge like food that is ususally dipped in a spicy chutney and had with fried chillies. There are many cousins of the Dhokla namelyDaalDhokli,Fafda, Farsi Falafel, Ganthia, Hahdwoh, Kachori, Khaman, KhamanDhokla, Khandvi,Khichu, LilvaKachori, Muthia, SevKhamani.

So if you ever land up in Gujarat or happen to pass by a Gujju’s food outlet in your neighbourhood, do dip your hands in these delicacies. And we promise that you will have a finger licking experience

1.Dhokla&Khaman- A sponge like dish, usually cut into pieces like a cake and made of Flour, this dish should never be missed.
2.AamRas, a thick version of mango pulp made from handpicked ripe mangoes, this goes well with the soft Rothi’s or can be had singly. You will love it, just make sure to carry enough tissues 😀
3.Kachori, a round stuffed food having base of maida is hugely famous for its variety of stuffing which includes onion, potato and sometimes caulis flower too. The Onion Kachori is what one mustn’t miss.
4.Dabeli which originates from the gulf of Kutch has its own place in the queen’s dish. It is also seen as the previous version of the burger we all love today but despite the burger being so famous, dabeli hasn’t lost its charm and taste.
5.Khakhra: A slim roti when cooked, added masalas and dried delivers a khakhra which has a unique taste evolved due to mixing of wheat with masalas. This serves as a great snack in morning as well as evening and famous as consumed in days of fasting.

And remember this my friend, once you taste the Gujarati thali, no food will look as tasty or spicy. In-fact the Honourable PM of India- NAMO, travels the globe with a Gujarathi Chef under his shoulder. He would never call it a meal without his Farsaan’s. May be you should try it out yourself and know why Gujarati food is so famous!

Let us know if you liked the food.

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