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Machine Made Vs Handmade Foods

Benefit of Machine Made Vs Handmade Foods

Making handmade food surely consumes lot of time! And in today’s fast moving world, people hardly have more time to spend in their kitchen. Hence machine made food provides us with an added benefit to save time and consume more hygienic food. As a child you may recall your memories when your mother used to prepare dosas on thava which would take approximately 5 mins to prepare ONE! But today with the implementation of advanced technology, each dosa can be prepared in less than a minute. Isn’t it amazing? So let us discuss the same in detail figuring out what are the benefits of the machine made with the handmade food stuffs.
Ten Times Faster: Let it be your breakfast or snack time! Machine made food can be served ten times faster than handmade food. The speed of preparing a dosa in the past is no doubt increased ten times at present. Don’t you agree it saves your enormous time and energy? In addition they are more simple and convenient to handle the equipments as well.
Hygienic: In the past if people wanted to prepare any hygienic food, they had to take extra attention. Like grinding stone needed to be cleaned well before using it in order to prepare batter. But with this new mechanism you hardly have to worry about all that. It demands less maintenance and gives good output as well.
Low-Priced: In economics, it always said, when there is more supply then the demand for the product is less and price also falls down. If the supply is less, then the demand for the product raises with the price. The same formula is applicable in all the production sectors. When the machine produces more number of products without much labor involved then people can get access to that particular product at a less price.
Hence with the advance of machines and technology, one can notice that there are more no of benefits when compared to handmade foods.

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