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Automation not a mere possibility, it is a necessity

1) The world’s population is 7.21 billion at present and is going to hit 10 billion by 2050 and to serve the food needs of such gigantic population manually is a near impossible task.

2) Hygiene and quality of food have become even the more important these days, un-touched by human hands adds more value to the brand.

3) Through automation and usage of robotic tools, there will be a drastic cut down in labour force thus cutting labour costs and improved reduction in the creation of waste materials and waste products- which conclusively shows there are Significant Savings through automation.

4) Vital characteristic of food is its “quality”. The automatic devices erase the quality control issues involved otherwise with human error. Each and every process in the generation of the end product is carefully monitored and its quality is reliable and vastly improved.

5) Automated machinery provide better safety thus eliminating harm and injury to workers and protects them from hazardous working environments. Machines can endure in potentially extreme work environments without compromising the quality and preparation strategies of food.

6) The most significant contribution of automated technologies in food industry is the Competitive edge it provides. In-order to sustain in today’s global economy and without resisting the prices, its very necessary that all food companies adopt a cutting edge technology in food processing and preparation. It not brings them profits but also ends the hunger of many a needy.

Therefore, automation in food industry now is not a meagre possibility but instead it is a mere necessity.

DOSAMATIC is one such invention as automated technology is concerned that derives high quality food with all the business centric benefits too. You can cut down on human labor, proceed with your expansion plans and build a brand that stands for quality, reliability and awesomeness.

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