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A Food Vending Machine That Is Tailor Made For Offering Delicious and Nutritious Food

Not all companies can afford to boost sprawling and state-of-the-art kitchen found mostly across big companies, who literally doll out free snacks and lunches to their employees almost every day. Such not so big or financially well-to -do companies mostly opt for a cheap alternative: a food vending machine.

A machine that at best offers a half baked food solution to small and medium size companies. That’s because a typical food vending machine cannot tailor its menu to what employees actually want to eat. Instead it offers pretty much the same boring menu almost every day – those regular candy bars, juices, tasteless packaged foods etc.

A mundane and tasteless menu obviously results in loss of appetite among employees. More importantly, employees are starved off nutritious and healthy food, which obviously has an adverse impact on their overall productivity at work place.

This should certainly compel companies to look for a better alternative than these ordinary food vending machines. But what can it be? It certainly cannot be a sprawling and state-of-the-art kitchen. As stated earlier, it is almost an unaffordable proposition for small and medium size companies.

Fortunately, there does exist a solution. A solution that is not only surprisingly affordable, but also perfectly addresses problem of scarcity of notorious and tasty food at work places. This solution has been brought forth by host of innovative startup companies out there.

One such startup company is Byte Foods, a San Francisco-based startup company founded by Megan Mokri. Byte Foods offers a simple yet effective solution in form of a ‘refrigerator cum food vending machine.’ A refrigerator that is filled with locally made salads, juices, sandwiches and coffee from local favorite Blue Bottle.

The menu offered by this unique refrigerator is a far cry from tasteless and boring food that is widely found in most ordinary food vending machines. The menu is really high on options, offering wide varieties of food prepared by local vendors. Not to mention the food is equally delicious and nutritious.
Another great USP of Byte Foods food vending machine is how it easily tracks data of each and every customer, which actually helps in tailoring food content of each fridge for different office locations. This is all thanks to ‘swipe card function.’ All the food inside the fridge is accessed only through swipe of a card.

As soon as the customer makes a purchase after swiping the card, the fridge immediately stores all the information of food purchased by the customer. This data is then studied by the company and then accordingly sets the menu for that specific fridge.

All said and done, Byte Foods and similar such start ups are need of the hour. After all, enjoying delicious and nutritious food is not just the prerogative of employees of big and financially rich companies. Even employees of smaller and upcoming companies have the right to enjoy this privilege.

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