Hire your own Dosa master at just Rs 20,000/-
Along with World’s first tabletop Dosa making machine.

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Why Hire from Us?

  • Reliable Dosa master with Dosamatic at just Rs.20,000: Now stop searching for a chef as Mukunda Foods will offer fully trained Dosa Master Chef to all clients at just 20K per month.
  • Get World’s first tabletop Dosa making machine for free: Yes, you heard it. We are offering World’s first tabletop Dosa making machine absolutely free.
  • Premium consistent Dosas: Every time you switch on Dosamatic machine, you will get nothing but delicious and crispy dosas.
  • Make any variety of Dosa: Dosamatic machine can make more than 99 varieties of dosas.
  • Completely hygienic dosas: Dosamatic makes 100% hygienic dosas to ensure that customers not only get to enjoy delicious but also delicious dosas.
  • Can make 1 Dosa per minute: With capacity to serve 1 Dosa per minute, Dosamatic machine will prove boon for your business.

What you get?

  • As mentioned above, you will get free automatic Dosamatic machine absolutely free.
  • No need to search for a chef as we will offer fully trained dosa master chef at Rs 20,000 per month (Please note this offer is only for limited period)
  • Customers will get aftersales services like servicing and maintenance absolutely free.
  • You can cook more than 99 varieties of dosas in our super-efficient DosaMatic machine.

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What people say about us?

Terms and Conditions:

  • The working days of Dosamaster will be 6 days/week
  • The Dosa master is responsible only for making Dosas and will make Dosas only on Dosamatic machine.
  • Minimum lock-in Period: 6 months

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