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7 REASONS for why you shuold never skip BREAKFAST

1) Breakfast-the name itself means “BREAKING THE FAST” of 12 long hours right from the last night’s dinner. Its very important to help the body reagain the energy needed to keep you up the whole day.

2) Breakfast skippers tend to eat way more than usual (in larger quantities) than those who regularly eat breakfast thus inviting Obesity.

3) Weight management and a good BMI (body mass index) is a consequential effect of good breakfast and skipping it would backfire the whole scenario .

4) Increased concentration levels, problem solving skills in classrooms for kids and boardrooms for adults is a proven study of those who have a nutritious breakfast.

5) More strength coupled with more endurance to engage in a physical activity than those who skip the breakfast.

6) The problem of balanced diet i.e. complete nutrition with protiens,carbohydrates and fats is handosmely taken care by the breakfast rather than any other meal of the day-lunch or dinner.

7) Heart diseases, diabetes are at a check as low cholesterol levels are often an added advantage to those people who consume breakfast regularly.

Thus, Breakfast is the most IMPORTANT meal of the day! never ever skip it! so why to wait?? switch on your DOSAMATIC and make a yummy dosa and have it for TODAY’S MOST SIGNIFICANTT MEAL :) :)

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