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7 Real Foodie Destinations

7 Real Foodie Destinations

As summers have already approached, so have vacation for your kids. Moms at home surely want to chill out from their routine cooking and get freed from their kitchen ‘work’. In case you still haven’t planned for an outing then here are few places suggested for all the food lovers. You can no doubt dive into an exciting culinary adventure without creating a hole in your pocket.
The capital city of the country serves its people with everything. No matter if you are a hard core vegetarian or a die-hard meat lover! The place is filled with exotic restaurants such as Jalebi Wale and Babu Ram Paranthe for delightful Mughal cuisine. You can spot them near Chandni Chowk in old Delhi. You are sure to enjoy the food prepared by various halwais for a considerable price. Gajar ka halwa and Jalebi are two sweets to be tasted with out fail.
People visit this place to view ‘Golden Temple’. After your holy visit you can relish at Chajju ka dhaba at Lawrence Road and Prakash Meat Shop near Town Hall. They serve you with mind blowing and delicious non-vegetarian dishes. Later you can hit on Kulcha-Chola Dhaba on Maqbool Road for mouthwatering breakfast to begin your day with your taste buds buzzing.
It is popularly known as Pink City which is beautified with havelis. This place is well known for pyaaz ki kachori which are very spicy can be easily spotted at any sweet shops on the local streets. You can also try kathi rolls and tandoori tikkas and lessen your food craving.
Mumbai is another name for heaven! Vada pav is one of the best snacks which is worth sampling. It is nothing but a spicy chaat served with potato fritter combination. Must try chaats are pav bhaji which is served with dollop of butter and paani puri.
No doubt Hyderabad is known as City of Biryanis. It serves its foodies with both North and South Indian food. Paradise Restaurant is the best place you can barge on for enjoying varieties of Biryanis. Bawarchi is also another restaurant which is mostly relished by local residents of that particular place. If you miss Pista House then you have missed the delicacy! Ensure that you visit this excellent restaurant for lip-smacking cuisines.
In case you are non-vegetarian and craving for it, then Kochi is truly a PARADISE! It is famous for serving delicious seafood. Do not forget to visit Malabar Junction on Parade Road which offers you with special Thali and other non-vegetarian dishes. The specialty of this place is that the food is served on banana leaf in a traditional way. In case you are a veggie you can try puttu, idiyappam etc which blows away one’s hunger.
Last but definitely not the least! The place is famous for both beach and food. No doubt it is known as major tourist hotspot. You can visit restaurants like Candolim or Bagha to taste Goan sausage served with Goan fish curry. Mum’s Kitchen and Martin’s Corner are one of the famous restaurants which serve you with vindaloo and sorpotel. Not to forget, make yourself soothing and refreshing with feni which is a fermented drink prepared from cashew fruit.
Any chosen destinations would surely make your taste buds active. So what are you still waiting for? Make a list and start your food journey!

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