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5 tools to hire a manufacturing team

Coders, designers, marketing executives, senior personnel, accountants etc can be hired today easily. You have the likes of,, HR consultants etc. But how are you going to hire a lathe operator, fabricator, assembly person or even a welder to your small manufacturing/hardware firm. The above said people are not on naukri, olx, or the traditional HR consultants. It is the most challenging thing to do if you don’t know how. But here are 5 tools that will get you a hire within 72 hours of following any one of them. 

Following 5 tools will surely help

  • Visit
    • A paid service where you can simultaneously post jobs as well as get contact details of potential candidates.
    • You filter potential candidates on the basis of their proximity to your location and a little analysing their past work
    • Good collection of semi skilled and skilled people
  • Go to a manpower consultancy like “Team Lease”
    • Typically manpower consultancies take 8.5% of the promised CTC
    • Usually their services are used by the big boys, but you can talk through the manager and get their services
  • Post bill boards at the bus stand
    • The easiest and the fastest way to get your guy is to put small bills at the local market
    • Go shamelessly putting A-4 black and white papers at every poll and corner near your office
    • Put a word to the tea guy, and to all of your service provider
    • You will surely get 4 to 5 leads on the day-3 itself
  • Go to the local ITI college
    • ITI colleges have good number of probables
    • They might be semi skilled and can be best used for fitting/assembly work
    • You could negotiate hard on salaries (but not less than 7 thousands per month)
    • The promise of a non-contract job attracts them
    • Promise them a bank account, 25% yearly bonus and Over Time allowance.
    • These people if well taken care off, will work with you for the rest of your life
  • Visit the employment office at your city
    • Every city has an employment office
    • There are always people pondering there for work, they will come to work for you for anything and almost any salary
    • You might get lucky to participate at the job mela/fair they regularly organise
    • Employment offices are a treasure trove of people, but you need to lurk on there for a day or two with the government babus.
    • In Bangalore (Karnataka) the Employment office is called “Karnataka Udyog Mitra” and is located in the SIDBI building on Race Course road

Most importantly be shameless when you search for fabricators in the manufacturing field. The easiest way is work of mouth, put a word to everybody you come by. Tell the local tea shop person, your office boy, go to every manufacturing company at your place and put a word, give your contact details and intimate people. You will surely be amazed that how easy it is to get people.

Make it a point to record their names and copy of their resumes, they will help you the next time you are on a look out. 

Among my experience, you will find some of them hardworking and have a fire to learn more and grow. Groom them well, the attrition rate is the lowest in this field. Just be nice to them. 

Happy hiring!

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