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5 Things to plan before AAHAR-2016


If you’re an entrepreneur or having business in food or hospitality sector, then you must not miss this chance to visit AAHAR-2016 on any condition. It’s a golden opportunity to meet more than 800 Exhibitors including foreign participants from 22 countries. The event is spread over 200 acres and companies spur crores of rupees to show you their products. Its in short a mecca for people in the food business or the hospitality segment.

  Start preparing now to make your AAHAR visit productive
15th-19th March-2016 New Delhi

Book flight- As it’s not even a month now to this amazing fair, get your hands on the flight tickets before they get even costlier

Bring Time- Yes! Time is what you shall need the most to visit this fair as it’s going to be larger than you’d have thought of.

Reach out to vendors- Almost all the companies run discounts during AAHAR, make sure you speak to your vendors before hand and cash out on the AAHAR offers

Identity card- As the fair is open for only business people from 15th March to 19th March, it is evitable to bring along your company id card for a smooth entry process and save time without being held for any further clarifications.

Visiting cards- In the terms of business and entrepreneurship, a visiting card is a reflection of your work and opens up opportunities to connect better

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