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5 Health Benefits of Having Fermented Foods Like Dosa

Dosa is unarguably one of the most popular food dishes in India. Although originated in Southern India, over the decades it has acquired a pan India status and is today enjoyed across almost every part of India.

But not many know that Dosa falls under ‘fermented food’ category. The even more important thing to know is that this southern Indian dish is considered foremost amongst the ‘healthy fermented food.’

As for what is fermented food, then there are diverse definitions about it and is better to dwell on them on some other day.

Today we’ll specifically talk about top five health advantages offered by Dosa. After reading these benefits, we bet that in future you’ll eat more dosa’s than you had ever imagined.

Offers Protein to our Body: if you’re one of those die-hard vegetarians who never stop sulking about the lack of protein options in the diet, then you ought to include dosa in your daily menu. You’ll be surprised to know that dosa is one of the rare vegetarian dishes that offer abundance of protein. Not to mention that unlike non-veg dishes, dosa is a budget friendly food.

With regular intake of protein via Dosa, you can help your hair, bones and muscles stronger. It will also keep your stomach fuller for long period of time.

Contains Good Amount of Minerals: Just a single piece of dosa can offer good amount of iron, calcium and vitamin C to your body. If eaten along with Sambar, then intake of minerals will increase even further. Doctors claim that any human body that is rich with minerals like iron, calcium and vitamin helps in increasing immunity and keeping many harmful diseases at bay.

Hence it is very apt to say that eating ‘dosa a day will help to keep doctor away.’

A truly Heart Friendly Food: Being very low on saturated fat, Dosa is one food dish that will help to keep your ‘heart’ sound and healthy. If you’re a heart patient, then including dosa in your in daily menu is certainly healthy option. In case you’re completely clueless about relation between saturated fat and heart diseases, then it is better to know that food with high saturated fat increases the risk of heart or cardiovascular diseases.

Easy to digest: Dosa is a very light-weight food and is hence easy to digest. The easy digestion helps in better blood circulation and offers timely intake of important minerals to our body. Not to mention that you’ll be spared from the recurring problem of acidity that can easily spoil even your most important day.

Offers good amount of Carbs or Carbohydrates: If you are on a strict diet to lose your weight, then Dosa has to be in your diet plan. This is all thanks to the fact that this south Indian snack offers dual advantage of being high on carbohydrates, but very low on calories. While high carbs will help to keep your body fit and fine, low calories will help to overcome your obesity.

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