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A very casual working day in any Indian household gives a picture of a busy life with ringing alarm bells in the morning; to the hurry-burry rush at the work table;to the non-interested and fast finishing foods at the dining table and the stick to the hours sleep. The cycle goes on and on without any break except for the special occasions and holidays which go without life in them.
The main reason for this stress induced lifestyle may not be just the work overload and competitive burden..its more about the FOOD we eat. So, here are some stress relieving and feel good foods that are now more than necessary to be an integral part of your daily food.
1) WALNUTS: They are very rich in essential fats that improve cell health and healthy cells bring back the lost energy and revive happiness.
2) EGGS: Eggs are a kitchen source and quick food. eggs contain vast amounts of zinc, omega 3 fatty acids and vitamins that works on cellular levels to improve mood and energy levels.
3)SEAWEED: It is super high in Iodine that shoots up the vitality of thyroid functioning and maintaining the calm and composed mood thus leading to low stress. People in coastal areas can essentially use this as a big stress burster in addition to fish.
4) FISH: Fresh fish varieties like salmon and oil fish like sardines are loaded with omega-3s that increase happy hormones serotonin and dopomine and elevates your mood.
5) COCONUT: coconut is available everywhere and in all seasons. It is shown to have a calming effect on one’s mood and finally relieves from stress and impatience.
6) DARK CHOCOLATE: Thanks to cocoa and the chocolate. From kids to adults to the aged, dark chocolate is a forever favourite. it has plenty of anti oxidants that reduces stress hormones like cortisol and increasing brain chemicals shall bring back one’s joy.

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