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Top 5 Types of Dosa

Did you know that the “dosa” is counted among the most scrumptious foods in India? It also comes under the list of top 20 flavorsome breakfast items. Once you taste this delicious dish, you will immediately fall in love with it. Dosa is a healthy option for those looking for a unique Indian food experience. ….

South Inidian Staple Food - Dosa

9 Reasons Dosas are a Healthy Option

Healthy food is required for a healthy living. Eating a healthy food provides your body with the vital nutrients that it needs to function on a daily basis. Dosa, a savoury staple food of South India, is considered as a healthy food item. Known as the pancake of India, the flavor of dosa is relished ….

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Nurturing our child- the birth of Dosamatic

How does it feel when you hear your child’s first cry? It is a top-of-the-cloud moment when you see your kid go places. But these days childbirth and nurturing a child doesn’t confine only to human beings. This gets carried over to an idea that is nurtured, processed and is sustained in today’s world as ….

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