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10 REASONS why you should invest in “FOOD INDUSTRY”

1) It is a SUNRISE industry i.e it is at the top list of the most quickly growing industries in India that is to become increasingly important in the future.

2) There is huge value addition for food products which earns more profits for the firms.

3) Requirement of skilled labour and human resources is very less.

4) Demand is exponential due to lifestyle changes especially by those people who are into Information and Communication Technology(ICT) and working women.

5) Multiplying demand for processed and ready to make food products from all the bandwidth of customers.

6) Simple and cost-effective food machinery unlike the sophisticated, high end and expensive equipment of manufacturing industries.

7) Food Industry is considered as Goverment’s bulls eye sector for investments, export promotion and generating huge local employment through supply chains in food sector.

8) Branding options are vast in addition to the Fiscal incentives provided by the government wherein rationalization of tariffs and duties , tax holidays for food industries are the major boosters.

9) FOOD TRADE ZONES(FTZs) on the lines of SPECIAL ECONOMIC ZONES(SEZs) by both the goverment and corporates would be forming clusters around cities and towns to boost growth and future prospects of this industry.

10) Finally, its a business of high profit margins with low investment or inputs that is not just economically viable but also takes care of the social dimension of the society through constraining unemployment and providing hygeinic food for all.

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