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10 Foods to avoid while dieting

With the increasing percentage of obesity in children and youth across the world, the term “Dieting” has gained a lot of popularity. Some surveys say that 88% of youth around the world diets for at least a day each week while another survey on obesity says in 2014, more than 1.9 billion adults, 18 years and older, were overweight, of these over 600 million were obese. This makes us understand the rising trends in dieting and how far they prove to be effective, on which WHO says, “Obesity is preventable”.

During dieting, especially fats and calories aren’t consumed. But sadly, many of the delicious foods which might get you a watery mouth are fatty or calorized. Hence, with this saddening part about your diet period, we have eased up for you a list of 10 foods that you must avoid while on your diet!

Here you go!

1) Say no to BREAD! The love of sandwiches or subways has to be on stake if you’re ready for a real diet mission. But to ease it out, you can surely use the multi-grain bread which proves out to be nutritious as well as hunger fulfilling.
2) Sugar Free Cold-drinks- they say “sugar free” and you might get sparking eyes for you can now have it, right? No. these drinks are devoid of sugar but to retain their taste, added are sugar alternatives which are full of calories!
3) Milk Shake! How can milk and fruits be not health? Well, you already got a watery mouth 😀 but fruits have soluble and insoluble fiber which makes it essential to choose your fruit and prepare your milk shake. Whole milk itself is saturated fat!
4) Pasta! Although it being made of wheat or maida, it cannot be considered healthy while on diet. The carbohydrates which shall be mixed in to make its gravy or the vegetables added in can destroy your aim to lose weight.
5) Salad with toppings! Well, not very healthy if using toppings like mayonnaise, peanut butter, etc. these might may your salad full of calories!
6) Protein Bars- These are the best source of protein when you’re in hurry (as well as hungry ;)) but did you ever have a sneak peek at the calorie content on its pack? 😀 No person who is in hurry and hungry might sense how unhealthy these bars can be. More than 350 calories are contained in these ‘protein’ bars!
7) Vegetable & Fruit juice blends- In our rushed lifestyles, getting all the required elementary juices doesn’t look promising. Hence we try to mix things up, juices too! this results into you drinking your total daily salt requirement in one serving. The fruit juice varieties can also have added sugar to mask the flavour of the vegetables.This comes as a warning to avoid them now!
8) Ice-cream! Oh No!! Who could resist an ice-cream! Although low fat ice-creams are available, we never tend to bother about the calories we might consume in just one serving. Many low fat ice-creams do include great amounts of sugar, with some being more than double the full fat versions.
9) Popcorns! If you’re dieting then better don’t go for a movie 😀 Popcorn is a calorie and fat disaster! Coconut oil, which is more than 90% saturated fat is its major ingredient. Now every time you go for a movie, this shall help you resist the popcorn tub!
10) Bagels/Donouts for breakfast? Naah! Bagels are made with refined wheat flour, which is stripped offiber and nutrients. They’re incredibly dense, which means they’re also incredibly caloric.

As now you very well know about the foods you must avoid if you’re (really) dieting, then whole-heartedly say goodbye to them and live out an obese free life and we promise to serve you with the next article coming up on foods you must eat in order to lose weight!

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