One Touch to make a Dosa

One Touch To Make A Dosa: Dosa is now just a touch of button away

Multiple types of dosas

Multiple Types Of Dosas: Making 99+ types of Dosa wasn’t this easy

Change Size of Dosa

Change Size of Dosa: Like small or medium size dosas? it’s possible here!

Change the thickness

Change The Thickness: Make dosas of desired thickness

Select the amount of roast

Select The Amount Of Roast: Crisp or soft Dosa? It’s now easy to select

Make fat free dosas

Make Fat Free Dosas: Control the amount of oil on your dosa!

Portable-Table top model

Dosamatic is world’s first table top machine. You won’t need any separate gas connection or external device to operate Dosamatic. Just place it on table, switch on the plug and the machine is ready to serve you.

Use multiple types of batter

Thanks to the fact that you can use multiple types of batters, Dosamatic Machine offers the opportunity of cooking and enjoying wide varieties of dosas. You can cook more than 99 varieties of dosas in the Dosamatic Machine

Easy to use & maintain

No need to hire skilled & experienced chef when you have Dosamatic machine on your side. The machine can make dosas with mere press of a button. It also has auto-clean feature to free you from hassles of maintenance.

3K-Watt 1-Phase 220V

Dosamatic is an energy friendly machine and hence you no longer have to worry about inflated electricity bills.

Makes upto 60 Dosas an hour

With 60 dosas, Dosamatic Machine offers impressive turnout of dosas every hour.

Enriched with so many never before features, Dosamatic will offer benefits that will stand any test of time and make your investment not only secure but also the most profitable one. Given below are some of the benefits that Dosamatic offers to all its customers.

Consistency and Standardization in Taste & Quality

Dosamatic machine offers standardization in taste and quality that is simply unmatched. Thanks to this mind-blowing consistency, it will become easier than ever before to gain loyal customers.

Minimum Energy Consumption

Have no worries about getting inflated electricity bills. Our machine has been designed to operate efficiently with low energy consumption. So, the question of high electricity bills can never arise if you make dosas in our Dosamatic machine.

Forget about labour woes

Searching for a good chef is such a stressful task and ensuring that they don’t leave the job is even more stressful. But all these stressful things will become a thing of past once you buy Dosamatic machine. With a such revolutionary dosa making machine on your side, the need for hiring a chef will never arise.

Save on energy consumption

Promise of Consistency and standardisation

Secure investment

Growth & Good returns

Dosamatic: A Truly Revolutionary Dosa Making Machine

Press a Button and Delicious Dosa is Ready

With Dosamatic Machine, a delicious and crispy dosa is ready with mere press of a button. Now you can forget about hiring a expert and experienced chef. Thanks to our revolutionary machine, now anyone and everyone can become a dosa maker.

Make Multiple Type of Dosas

For most people it will be very hard to believe that Dosamatic machine can make 99 varieties of dosas. But this fact is a matter of great pride for Mukunda foods and this is merely the tip of the iceberg about how efficient really is our machine.

Make Customized Dosas with Ease

It is so much easier to keep customers happy when you’ve Dosamatic machine on your side. After all, not all machines can easily make delicious customized dosas like our machine does. With easy options to change size and thickness of dosa as well as amount of roast, Dosamatic machine can effortlessly make customized dosas for your customers.

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