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    About the Dosa Making machine

    DosaMatic is a fully automatic dosa making machine. It is a table top machine that makes dosas automatically at the touch of a button. Just add batter, oil and water to the given containers and the machine makes you a dosa. It disperses the batter, spreads it to the desired size and thickness, spray oil/butter, cooks the dosa, peels it and rolls it.

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    Features of the machine

    One Touch to make a Dosa

    Multiple types of dosas

    Change Size of Dosa

    Change the thickness

    Select the amount of roast

    Make fat free dosas

    Technical Specifications

    Portable-Table top model

    Use multiple types of batter

    Easy to use & maintain

    3K-Watt 1-Phase 220/110V

    Makes upto 50 Dosas an hour

    Benefits of using Dosamatic

    Save on energy consumption

    Promise of Consistency and standardisation

    Secure investment

    Growth & Good returns


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