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Our Interns

Dujon Sonkar

Intern – Marketing & Sales, India.
April – May 2017

Having been an engineer, I could connect well with a company that is revolutionizing food making. This area requires dedication, which strengthened my commitment towards the organization. The real challenge was to make people aware of the product. The concepts learned in the classroom were tried and tested, and this was only possible due to the unconditional support of the CEO himself. Only an enthusiastic company like Mukunda Foods could give me access to all the resources to experiment.

Drumil Jagwani

Intern - Marketing & Sales, India.
April – May 2017

Working at Mukunda Foods gave me the opportunity to interact with over a hundred clients on a daily basis, this surely sharpened my communication and negotiating skills. The various projects assigned exposed me to different areas of the company and made me understand the dynamics involved in running a business. The desk job from nine to six was challenging, but the real learning happened in the field tasks. This experience, the training and working alongside CEO and COO were something that I will cherish for a long time.

Ishwar Merva

Intern - R&D, India.
June 2016 – Current

I’m a post graduate student, extremely passionate about product design and development.

My quest for in-depth product development knowledge & wisdom is fulfilled as intern in Mukunda Foods. This has given me a platform to gain knowledge from the experienced R&D team as well as gave chance to work for my passion by involving me as one of the team member in developing innovative commercial Doughbot.

Rustam Ali

Intern - R&D, India.
June 2016 – Current

My experience in the R&D department at Mukunda Foods would not be the same anywhere else. This place is like a gold mine for people who want to bring innovation into reality. Each day brings you a challenge and I had the freedom to make decisions on my own and learn from both my success and failure. The internship has prepared me well for my professional career. This has made me analyse my pros and cons to take a step forward in my life.