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About Mukunda Foods

Mukunda Foods Pvt. Ltd is into the design & development of automated food equipment for use in the Indian food retail segment. Bringing in automation into Indian food products is the focus of Mukunda Foods, We make food making machines for your hotels, restaurants & eateries. - MF


‘Mukunda Foods Private Limited‘, was originally incorporated as Private Limited Company in 2012 with its Headquarters in Chennai, later at Bangalore, India. First product released into the market was DosaMatic. Mukunda foods is now the leader in manufacturing DosaMatic with exports to various countries of the world. Mukunda Foods has sold over 600 machines worldwide.

Every DosaMatic we make features our unique variable spread technology & batter dispensing mechanism. This is a patented mechanism which facilitates even spreading of batter through unique gear mechanism.


We invested a lot of time in research to understand the traditional way of cooking since the stone age which has led to the cooking tools. When we think about today's tools for cooking, all we can think of is how technology has not made an effort to enter our kitchen bay. This was something what we wanted to change. Cooking tools were also once inventions which are now being used as the traditional tools. We wanted to create tradition with technology. After a few decades, one must use our technology as tradition. We want to Revolutionize Food Making which has never been done since the stone age.